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In an effort to better serve the Veterans who have served our country so well, the VA has recently announced plans to allow patients to track delivery of VA prescriptions online. This provides seniors and other vets the opportunity to take more control over their health.

Online Prescription Tracking Benefits

At first glance, it might not seem like such a big deal aside from a matter of convenience. However, knowing when expected delivery for prescriptions will be, allows patients to be home and looking out for the delivery of those medications.

Some medications are expensive. Even if they aren’t popular medications, they have value because of their costs and are attractive targets for thieves. Veterans need their medicines and can often not afford to wait for replacement shipments if thefts occur.

The benefits do not end there, though. Veterans can also be more judicious in discretionary use of prescription medications if refills are being held up due to crippling ice storms, hurricanes, etc. that might slow delivery. They’ll see that delivery is impaired on the tracking website so they can adjust medication use accordingly.

In addition, for caregivers of veteran(s), it allows her to more easily keep track of the medications of the vet she is caring for.

Finally, it provides peace of mind that the medications are coming and that your needs are being met. Long delays in medication arriving can leave Veterans feeling forgotten and alone at times – especially if they are on sleep schedules that make communication during traditional office hours difficult.

Tracking is available 24 hours a day meaning that Veterans can check on their own timetables to see when delivery should be expected. It’s a small step the VA has taken that yields big results for the Veterans it helps.

Why Make the Change to Online Prescription Tracking?

According to the VA website, the VA is continuously striving to improve the patient experience for our nation’s Veterans. The idea of online prescription tracking was originally suggested Kenneth Siehr, a VA employee who won the President’s 2013 Securing Americans Value and Efficiency or SAVE award.

Siehr suggested the use of online tracking as a means to not only improve the degree of service the VA could offer its patients, but also a way to save money while providing quality care and service.

The VA administration fields nearly 1.8 million phone calls concerning prescription tracking each year. Siehr felt the VA could accomplish two missions at once by implementing online tracking. It could improve customer service while simultaneously eliminating the bulk of these tracking calls at the same time.

Veterans win through better customer service and more control and the VA wins by freeing up the labor used to field these many calls each year for other important tasks on behalf of our nations Vets.

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